Thursday, March 22, 2007

FIRST POST!! welcome to my world

hey wassuup homeys!!
i'm "AtomiCobra"
i live in my own little world (when i'm online that is)
random stuff happens here
so be warned--it's unreal
maybe even dream-like
but anything can spontaneously happen here.
...the monkey just told me i gotta get of in thirteen,
wait--he changed his mind!
i still get a lil more time
ok, so a little about myself:
i like most of the pop music (including hiphop),
so expect random quotes from big songs
i'll tell some of my fave artists in another post
anyway--the monkey's jumping up and down shaking his little fists,
so i think he's serious this time
i finish up real quick
this blog is s'posed to be entertaining--
i won't be posting anything personal, and probably not much real stuff.
i hope i can make this blog worth your time, and if not--
i wonder why you're reading this in the first place!!!
the monkey's pulling on my hair now, so
i'll catcha later!!!


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