Sunday, August 31, 2008

20: Yesterday's Tomorrow's Today

Yesterday is Tomorrows' Today.
i made a Time Machine yesterday.
and time travel is only possible
as far back into the past
as the First Time Machine.
So, i saw myself yesterday.
Myself told me something.
Myself told me i made a Blog today.
so i sed,
"How can Myself have made a blog during Tomorrow?
"If Myself made it Tomorrow, why is Myself here?
"Today is Yesterday for Myself."

Then Myself told me,
"Yesterday is Tomorrow's Today now!"

so i goes like,
"i thought Today was Tomorrows Yesterday...
so Today's your Today now?"

then Myslef sez,
"No, Yesterday is"

I sez,
"your Yesterday is Today Today,

"it is now!" after we got THAT figgered out,
i axed Myself how Tomorrow was.
Myself sed,

"Tomorrow was Good."



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