Sunday, September 21, 2008

twenny1: Watching HappyNormal ppl Talk

so i've been people watching,
and i've come to an conclusion:
HappyNormal People are weird.
And sometimes confusing.
Like, yesterday i noticed something odd.
but before i say what i noticed
maybe i'll explain the Basics.
oh! and i'll say the odd things i noticed
when i explain the step they're associated with.
(yay) that works.

These following steps are involved in Communicating
#1: Greeting -- They say something and acknowledge
the other's existance.
Examples: "hi, how are you?"
"Hi!! omigoshhowARRyou?"
"My maan!"
"hey ____"
-I think the word following "hey"
refers to the other person.
sometimes it varies, like "John" or "Trish,"
but lots of the time it's something generic,
like "dude," "man," "buddie," or "whatsup."

Odd Note: this is usually done while looking at each other and after making eye contact

#2: Touch -- Often, they touch each other in some way,
usually emphasizing grabbing hands.
Examples: grabbing hands, then shaking up and down
slapping hands
punching hands
grabbing hands, then bumping chests, and patting back
wrapping arms around the other person
nodding heads; sometimes down, but sometimes up and tilted
-sometimes instead of just grabbing hands,
something weird is done with the fingers or something,
like snapping, or grabbing differently, or rubbing, or scratching, or twiddling

Odd Note: oh, occasionally they bump faces.

#3: Generic Phrases -- this shows the other person
that the speaker cares about them,
while actually in their mind they may not.
Examples: "how's the family?" (sometimes more specific)
"it's been like so long" (or other references to passage of time)
"how's it been at [some job or activity]"
-basically, anything boring about something that isn't present.
Sometimes, tho, it's about something
that you can actually see!
Example: "That sweater is soo cute" (or other comments
about the appearance of the other person)
these may be my favorite,
except when they're about the weather.
like, "the weather's soo unpredictable" (followed by a dissussion about it)
or, when someone can't think of anything worth saying,
they just say "the weather's nice."

#5: Business (optional) -- the real reason
they decided to talk, if any.
it's usually brought up
by the first person to perform the Greeting.
Examples: "hey i was wondering if you knew _____"
"so did you [do] _____"
"so ____"
hey, _____"

Odd Note: i noticed a very weird trend:
seems like, Questions that HappyNormal people ask
actually have specific answers that someone may or may not know!!
why don't they just let The Voices make up the Answers??
The Voices always make up answers for my questions.

OK, i'm done for today.
the Monkey sez Go Awaay and stop reading,
cuz there isn't anything else to READ.
until my next post.
but this one is DONE.
aauuuuuggh! the Leprechaun and PumpkinHead
are screaming that i need to MOVE and DO something
cuz this blog is TYPING and BORING to the Leprechaun
(who doesn't Like you anyway)
aannnd the PumkinHead, who does Like you,
but wants to go do something else now anyway.
The Monkey sez Stop.


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Yockub said...

HappyNormal ppl.. I love it!!!!! It makes me very happy to be the not-like-em goy.. this post totally shows how weird normal peeps are. awesum stuf goy B^D keep it up