Wednesday, October 8, 2008

22: Answering Questions Like a 5th Grader

so since i've been
HappyNormal people,
i've noticed things they do
to supposedly keep "amused"
and i wonder,
how can they be amused by TV?!!
it's just a box.
sometimes it has something Intriguing,
but how can they spend most the day in front of it??
I'd rather open up the box and find something to blow up
than just look at it all day.
so anyway,
i heard Them talking about something on the TV
called "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader"
but from what i heard,
i don't think it answers the question at all.
cuz Fifth Grade Questions don't show whether you're smart,
they're made for Fifth Graders
to just repeat what they where told recently,
based on very limited generalizations.
it's quite Brainless.

"Which of these does NOT belong?"

and it has simple pictures of
a Horse
a Car
and a House. may say, "the Horse,
because it's Alive."

or, "the House,
because it doesn't move."

but then the "correct" answer
is the Car, because it has wheels.

Or, if the pictures are colored,
that is what determines the answer.
It doesn't matter which is which,
but one is Red, or Blue, or Green.
Since Triangles are Red,
Circles are Blue,
and Rectangles are Green,
the answer is "whichever one is Blue,
because circles don't have corners"

Now, That, is a better way to get an answer,
but it's still assuming something:
that the question refers to the pictures.
The Real Answer is "NOT,"
because it's all capitals.


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