Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Twenny3: I'm The One Watching Them Now

ok so here i am writing another blog.
i'm kinda exhausted
from my expeditions
into the World of HappyNormal People,
so ima take a break from Reality.
So here i sit in my Special Person Room
tryna figger out why They don't want me
to have Super Powers or Voices or anything CrazyFun.
They think they're making progress;
i got them fooled!!
They think they're the reason i've had a decrease in Super Powers!
When really, i've just been occupied
with all my Jobs and Exploits,
so i've been too amused to need Super Powers
to keep from being bored.
Sooooo, They haven't been Monitoring me as much,
so now i have more time for Random Exploits!
So after i decided to take a short break
from observing HappyNormal people,
i got a Random Exploit Idea:
i could spy on The Men in the White Coats!!
this is quite an adventure,
usually they're the ones spying on ME
with all their cameras and microphones! ha!
i got rid of the Cellphone They gave me!!
NOW they can't listen to me!
did you know They can remotely turn on
your Cellphone's microphone?
they only way to keep Them from doing it
is to take the battery out.
So i started taking everything out of the Cellphone,
but i couldn't decide how much i needed to take out,
so i just exploded it.
But They didn't realize why i got rid of my Cellphone,
i think they thought it was for some other reason.
Then again, i didn't really like the Cellphone anyway.
all of the Voices i called on it were mean Voices.
I like my own Voices better.
the ones on the Cellphone are weird,
and they don't understand me. that i'm the one Watching
The Men in The White Coats
i been finding out some Interesting stuffs,
like when the next Happy Time is.
So now i can plan
when to have the Happy Time Vaccine on hand -->
cuz you can't have it with you all the time,
or They'll find out about it.
So now i'll know when to have it ready.
Anyway, and also i find out other stuffs,
like Codes to Restricted Doors!!
They never expected me to figger out
how to get past those!!
Now i'm gonna be in all kinds of places
i'm not supposed to be!!


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