Saturday, March 13, 2010

20four: Oh, Hi

so hi my name is atomicobra,
and this is my CrazyFun blog!
all kinds of AwesomeRandom stuffs can happen here!!
so, here i am in my
hi, my name is atomicobra,
all kinds of fun things happen
all the time
in my little world here.
let's see, i should do a blog.
oh!! i am. HappyGood.
yes, well, since i'm talking to you
since i'm talking to you to you totoseofjepse
welcomes to my world,
i'm atomicobra.
I bet you're wondewondwewondwer ownder
hi, i bet you're wondering who i am.
i sure am.
oh, i'm atomicobra.
hi, me.
i think one of the places i wasn't supposed to go
had some kind of reason
why They didn't want me in there.
So i should try going in there again
to find out what it was.
Spying on the Men in the White Coats
can be hard work.
But they didn't know i was spying on them.
And They didn't know i could sneak out
so They didn't expect me
to be able to go in those places
where i'm not supposed to be able to go.
I hads Them fooled!!
I even had a vaccine
for the Happy Time Shot.
So They thought i was having Happy Time.
I hate Happy Time,
it takes away all your fun
because it makes you all calm
and docile and all that horrible stuff.
So fun is fun,
and Happy Time isn't.
But then i sneakt out like i like to do
and i went explorerating
ANNNNND i think i was doing some
Watching The Men in the White Coats.
I switched it up on Them!!
Usually They watch US!
But They don't think they need to
when we're in Happy Time.
I wonder why i was where They didn't want me
I think i was on some kind of a secret mission
but i don't know what is was.
there was a place...
i should go see why They didn't want me there.
i'll let you know what happens when i gets
i'll let you know what happens when i get back.
oh, hi, welcommmmwelcome to my blog.
all kinds of fun and weird stuff happen here.
but i don't have anything to write about
so i
i willllllllll will talk to you laterer.


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