Sunday, April 18, 2010

29: The Learnedge in All in Sane

So i figgered out what kind
of educational campus institution
i live in.
So i done seen a sign out front,
one of those times i was sneaked out,
and it said,
"Institution for the Criminally Insane,"
so then i was beginning spelling
so then i was beginning to wonder
what criminally meaned,
but at least i knows where i am now,
i'm in Sane.
Sane seams like a weird name for a place,
no wonder i don't like it too well here.
but, so like,
i'm pretty sure y is spanish for "and."
Crim in all, and in sane.
now i just gotta figger out what Crim is.
It must mean learnedge,
so the Institution is for:
the learnedge in those of us in Sane.
that's what this place is all about i guess.
I kinda think i actually learn more
when i leave Sane.
because, if i never left Sane,
I wouldn't know what HappyNormal people act like
and that's verrry inportant stuffs
cuz all kinds of fun stuff can happen
if They think i'm a HappyNormal People too,
like, i even got some free food from someone!!
Just like as i was a puppypuppy.
Puppypuppys get free food,
just by being there.
They don't even gotta do ennything.
But if HappyNormal People think
that i'm a HappyNormal people too,
they don't run away
or look at me like there's a tapeworm in they head.
Tapeworms are funny,
they don't listen to The Monkey
like the other voices do.
So that's why i don't have a tapeworm.
So, whilst conversing about The Monkey,
i'll mention something
i remember once being axed,
"Where'd your moonkey [The Monkey] come from?"
and i never could really figger out what to say,
cuz The Monkey has for all i can tell
always been around.
So maybe The Monkey is from like a carlot,
because all the tires there are around,
and i kinda think there are lotsa tires at carlots,
and since tires are around,
and The Monkey has always been around,
maybe that's where The Monkey came from.
But The Monkey sez i'm done
with this blog,
and for me to go get another doggy treat.
Puppypuppys got it made.


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