Sunday, April 4, 2010

Twenty-Ate: You Cannot Ignore Yourself

I guess that's good advice.
Or, maybe it's not advice,
maybe it's a statement.
"What do you think you're doing!?
(look! I spelled "you're" rightly!!
(not in the possessive way others would
"...trying to ignore yourself??
"How many times do i have to tell you?
"You're NOT allowed to ignore yourself!!"
*slappety on the wrist!*
When your Self tells you something
you should listen.
My Self told me to make a blog.
Actually, The Monkey did.
But my Self tells me i should
obey The Monkey.
So, what The Monkey says
is prett
[hey, i wanna talk about something else now]
(Okay, you can talk about something else)
[Hey look!!
[I'm outside!!
[I wonder what I'm doing over there...
[oh well, I'm too busy doing this blog
[to go over there
[to see what I'm doing
How many things
are YOU doing right now??
Oh, i think maybe seven,
thanks for axing.
Do you pronounce "especially"
like, "eXpessally??"
[on the other side of that window.]
Where'd "on the other side of the window"
just come from??!!!!!
oh yeah.
I seen my Self
outside out that window.
my Self says i'm done
because The Monkey told my Self i'm done.
So, i guess i'm


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