Wednesday, November 23, 2011

32: Dirty Food

So i woke up today
And my heart was going
"pitter patter dinner platter"
just excited to be awake
and ready to eat right away.
so i got some fooods on my plate
like i think i ate a pizza and grapes
and a banana, mandarin oranges, and a STEAK!!!
it was yummy yummy in my tummy.
but man it wasn't planned, i had to forage then say "YAY"
when i found gummys, honey and what's funny--
i think i even ate a moneys.
It had a face like my hero Benjamin -->
Franklin, and i was like, "O it's him!!!
"he was a magical, electrical, electable genius!!
"If i eat his picture, i'll get his powers and talents."
It's factual: i actually got a transference.
It's nice, i feel it inside my insides;
it's here: somewhere near my stomach's region.
Me has some matching intellecting of practicably anything!!
But there's sickness instead in my guts;
i'm chilled and flushed, and upset my intestine isn't lenient.
i should've had a milked-down thin porridge and not paid
for my fine skills like rhyming "orange" five times
with a diagnosis that is this: the worsest, it sucks!
What's horrid's i'm unhinged at this not-having-lucks.
i've had enough; i'm sad and crushed with acid reflux.

...i'm hungry, it's time to find what cooks!!!


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