Thursday, January 26, 2012

34: Nothingness & Pirates

soooooo it's time to say a whole lotta nothing
which is more than i can say for some others
that just say a little of nothing.
but i'm just saying like, ALL of the nothing.
nothing, nothing, nothing annnnd nothing.
i'm pretty sure that's all of em.
well, i'm out of nothings to say.


So i was Pretending to be a HappyNormal People,
and so i was in the WallyPlace,
so i looked just like i fit in.
and i saw a movie about Jason Statham
"in familiar turf."
you mean his only turf right??
Yeah, all his character are the same person.
but that's not like me.
i'm like one person that several persons
and he's like several persons that's one person
he's one person, that's several persons that's the same person.
something like that.
oh em gee!!! i think just i won something.
but i dint get any movies,
BcuzBcuz like i looked at them
and they said they were rated
by the MPAA.
and i'm PrettyPretty sure
that they dont like Pirates--
and today was a Dress Like a Pirate Day.
and you know why Pirates wear eye patches?
wellll, i don't really know, why?
it's BcuzBcuz so they see in the dark
whenever they loot under like the boat's floor.
in the boat's basement or something.
the whine cellar. that thing.
where the Pirates get all their vodkas.
Do you know what Pirates do with the vodkas?
i know they don't drink them mainly
mainly why is they just drink the rums
that they get in the whine cellers in the boats too.
but i don't know about any whines being in there.
i guess the people the Pirates be robbing...
or looting...or pirating...
well the people in the boats
(that aren't the Pirate boats)
they use up all the whining
when they BooHoo about the Pirates
that be taking all of their stuffs.
but thennnn...they cry too.
and then they let the Pirates take their stuffs
unless they wanting to be hurted
but i don't know why they would be wanting that.
BcuzBcuz being hurted isn't very fun.
but neither is losing all your rums...
so i guess that's why
they would be hurted
when they try to stop the Pirates
from getting all of the rums
So in conclusion:
The MPAAs must really like rums.
BcuzBcuz i know they don't want the Pirates to be winning
But if they would just only give up the rums,
then no-one would be getting hurted.

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