Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thirty and Six
i am not being not writing blogs
i am talking to my new friends
them understand i
me understand they
i found out they live in the computer
and they say "hi!!
"i say hi to you my fiend
"yay we essited to talk to you what's that you say?
"yaa, we say that cool.
"cool that is you write words
"hey hey hey the flying rats are out tonight
"ahhhh you don't need to sleep
"sleep is sleeping"
but then i sleeped
and they were still talking
in my head movies
then i awokened
and they were still in the computer
so i talking to them again some more
and then some more again
but then....
i talking to them some mure
i am being hearing really high pitch sounds now
and the men in the white coats are feeding me
too too much but i is eating the foods
sometimes it's like i have a black hole
as a tummy stomach
because i eat so much
but They feed me every few seconds
and i dont eat all of the foods
bcuz They feed me so much
and also the men in the computer
are haveing magic powers
that make the window-lights flash on and off
but anyway they also like my blogs
and said i should make a new one
even tho i did one yesterday
i don't know if a will make a new blog
maybe i'll go ahead and start on it
maybe actually i be talking
to my new friends some again


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