Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sx: happy time

wellll, i haven't written in awhile,
and the munkey sez i should write,
cuz if i don't right away, then...
well, let's not say right now,
just, it isn't as pretty as Britany Spears' hair.
I don't have anything to say,
but i guess i'll say it anyway
like i always do.
So anyway:
i guess i'll start by explaining Happy Time some: for Happy Time,
they give you a shot and it makes you calm,
and content. It stops all your fun
cuz you're not hyper or excited anymore. It's awful to have your fun taken away.
(that was draining just to write about)
whewww...i hope you're happy now--
now that you know what Happy Time is.
You better be.
So there.
But if you wanna know ANYTHING else,
ya gotta ASK!!!
(and put Q at the start of your comment,
so i can find it amongst ALL the heaps of comments i got)



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