Thursday, September 20, 2007

12: intro to The Book

"Pardon me homies, but it is I who wrote The Book,
also known as The Book of Answers,
and there was indeed only one printing of it.
However, anyone claiming to have,
or in some way destroyed,
The Book, is straight-up LYIN'!!!
Cuz I myself burned it seven years ago,
and all that remains is one single page,
which i admit could be anywhere at this point in time.
I hid that page on campus one year ago this very Halloween,
for i sensed that [it] is a dwellin-place
of the noble and elect of intellectual beings,
and i knew that this must be the place
for The Lost Page to be found.
By now, anyone could have gotten it,
and it could be anywhere.
I'll write more about The Book and The Lost Page in my blog later. "

1 comment:

geico said...

I want to know more about the book. Also, why is this in quotes?