Wednesday, February 13, 2008

13: The Voices and Monkey have reached a consensus

I should do a blog.
aayarrrk well ok then hmm uhhm yaaaaaah. i guess here goes now:
cuz well, the Voices have been screaming
all kinds of things at me 'bout how i should do a blog;
they've kinda slowed down for now,
but The Monkey sez it's time for me to go ahead and do it now.
...The Monkey has re-gained control....
The Monkey sez for the Voices it's quiet time now.
Now, where was i?
i guess i lost your interest by now,
but that's ok cuz it wasn't a very high %percentage anyway.

Anyway so the Men in the White Coats
never did find me, -->
cuz i found a knife and cut
my fingernails and came back as someone else.
The tree's name is still Max tho. -->
Apparently the person i came back as
gets to have RUBBER walls!!
i'm not s'posed to leave my room,
so i only do it when i'm asleep,
cuz then they aren't watching me.
It's taken some practice,
but i can now blog in my sleep.
Hopefully i'll be able to figure out
how to wake myself up after i get out,
so i can stop the Voices from talking so much
(!!!The Monkey sez stop mentionin the Voices!!!)
cuz the Voices talk more when i'm asleep.
i actually have alot to say
but i don't really know how to say it right now.
so i'll say it later.
and i WILL try to post more regularly now,
especially if you plzoplzoplz
COMMENT my blog!!
ok, well, buh-bye for now homes.

"[WARNING: Blog is extremely crazy. It is intended for entertainment only, and is not meant to represent fact or the author's mental state.]"


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