Tuesday, March 18, 2008

S!xTeEn: un-Endorsed skills

i figgered something out:
The Happy Time Vaccine -->
not only let's us keep our Ideas,
but it actually gives us extra Ideas!!!
I guess that's one reason why we have so much fun.
So during that time,
(of extra Ideas)
i got a Random-Exploit Idea:
i can brush up on my Advanced Combat Skills!!
It has nothing to do with any of the Establishment's Official Programs,
and it isn't endorsed by the Establishment either--
it's something that a fellow Student i met taught me.
Anyway, it's a very complex technique, but i'll try to describe it.
(I would worry about people reading this and using it against me,
but i utterly doubt anyone could actually do it
without being shown and tutored like i was)
So...here goes:
1: bend the knees slightly,
2: and face the victim
3: moisten lips
4: protrude tongue from lips
5: fill cheeks with air
6: force air out while lips are puckered around tongue,
making a "Raspberry" noise.
7: for added power, stick thumbs in ears and wiggle fingers around.

I tried this on several vicitims,
and it left them totally immobilized with sobs!
I've been challanged to fight several fights,
and each time i've been victorious!
I'm so glad i gots an effective self-defense skill.
But that's not even one of the more advanced techniques,
i knows several more, for in case the ememy's
really determined to fight.
One of the more advanced moves is called Gargalesis,
also known as Tickling--
it employs several "ticklish points,"
which when skillfully manipulated render the enemy defenseless.
...Guess there are other advanced techniques,
but they shall remain secret for the moment.

i'll catch y'all later.


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