Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sevwenteen: oh! i'm not dead

if anyone actually reads this post
besides me
and the squirrel-faces and leprecons
then i's just wants to say i'm soorrrrryyy
i haven't posted in forever EVEN tho i'm not Dead.
So if you were wondering if i was Dead,
and that was the reason i wasn't talking,
then i'm sorry to disappoint.
I just...get discouraged when noone but the Voices respond,
and they respond even if i don't write this.
But i watched Hellboy II, and had an Epiphany:
it doesn't matter what everyone thinks of me;
i should just do what i do anyway.
So i'ma try to post fairly regularly again,
even if it is just a Short Post.

...I know The Leprecon doesn't really like you,
but that doesn't mean i can't talk to you.
oh the way, The Pumpkin Head does like you.
That should make you HappyHappy.
OK well...The Monkey sez it's Bye Time,
cuz i don't have anything else worth sayin.
so BYE!!!


1 comment:

David Garcia said...

Congratulations on being not Dead! I look forward to more regular posts.