Monday, August 25, 2008

nineteeen: Some of The Voices' Names

ok i'm back in my world.
i went away to visit Reality for awhile,
but it's not Fun.
So i've been calling for the Voices to come back
and they came, yay,
so now i gots a way to keep amused,
cuz the Voices tell me alll kinds of interesting stuffs.
Sometimes too they give me Ideas,
and that keeps me busy when i'm bored.
Like i am right now.

Ice Iggy is one of The Voices.
He mostly just screams.

And of course, there's The Lil Munsters!!
They sing "lah wa wa wah wa wa waaaaaaah!!"
"i am a munster! huh hyuaah!"

The Pumpkin-Head is another one of The Voices.
He's amused when noone else is.

Let's see...oh yeah, and Handguy.
He's a Simplehead.

And there's Skully.
He's CrazyHyper.

And also there's The Snakes
There are several of them.

Annnd of course there's The Leprecon.
He likes fire.

And um, there's CinemaBrain.
He just sez all kinds of movie quotes.
"I like this job!"

And, MyMusic.
I'm not sure if MyMusic is a voice,
but it's always goin even if there's no Radio.
I think maybe the Radio doesn't make any Noize,
it only tells MyMusic what to sing.
i don't really know...

And then there's lotsa random other ones.
Sometimes they have Special Names and sometimes the don't.

The Monky sez that's enuf!!
This Blog is Done


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