Saturday, March 20, 2010

twnysx: Undercovers

Wellll, hellooo there.
I can't see you,
but i can feel you watching me!!
The Men in the White Coats are watching me too.
But i got away anyway.
So like, i found some chemicals
or medicine or something
in a lil bottle in my shoe
so i dranked it.
They thought i was having Happy Time
even tho they didn't give me The Shot.
So They thought i didn't need
rubber walls to bounce off of.
So They put me back
in the other room
without the rubber walls
and it's easier to sneak out of.
Then, so i got to sneak out!!
So i visited the world
of HappyNormal people.
And, using my skills
from People Watching,
i tricked them
into thinked
i was actually HappyNormal too!!
It was weird.
I am officially Undercovers.
I'm so good at pretending
to be a HappyNormal people.
But i still need more practice
so i don't have to focus so much
on pretending
so instead i can work on Ideas
and Random Exploits
whilst still being Undercovers!!
Being Undercovers is tricky
becuz ya gotta Multi-task
and you can't do everything
that the Voices say
becuz then you wouldn't be Undercovers
and you couldn't Manipulate 'em
to actually DO what the Voices want.
It's kinda confuserating,
becuz to DO what the Voices want
you have to be like,
I'ma go spy
on the Men in the White Coats some
and see what i can find out
that i'm not supposed to know.
It's nice knowing things
that you're not supposed to!!


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