Friday, March 26, 2010

27: Conspiracies!!

I always try to skip
the FBI warning.
Stupid FBI.
I already memorized the whole thing!!
Why do they think
i need to see it again??
Cuz they want to desensitize us!!
Get us used to watching
whatever They want us to.
They always just only want
us to do what They want.
They don't want us to get Ideas,
but i knows WHY!!
it's so They can turns us into zombays!!
And i don't mean the BrainDead kind,
i mean the UndeadDead kind.
That's right!!
That's why They want
to control our health care.
So They can give "standard" inoculations,
that are actually diseasles!!
And you know what that diseasle is??
T Virus
Armageddon Virus
Krippin Virus
Rage Virus.
Them munkies killed off Brittan.
And The Media pretended
like it never even happened.
Stupid Media.
Soon enough The Virus will be stateside.
Then who can we thank?
Not The Media.
Not The Governments.
Not even me.
Um, well, maybe me.
Oh, wait, no...
you would thank The Governments
cuz they be the ones that done did it.
Well...but you wouldn't want to thank 'em,
would you??
I mean, for like turning us into Zombays?
But anyways,
so now i got a new Hobbie:
"Getting Ready for When Them Zombays Come."
Cuz Them Zombays,
they will be a-comin!!
The Monkey says I'm done for now
Wait...but my The Monkey
doesn't have Rage!!


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