Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3 -- Sneaking Out

it's me again.
so, like, i'll tell you about my latest exploits during Nap Time.
So i been sneaking off and nicking chemicals from the Lab.
I already got some H2 hidden in a drawer,
in a plugged tube thingy.
Recently, tho, i've been trying to find a stronger Molarity of H2O2
cuz all i got so far is really weak
and i can't bleach my hair very well with it.
I tried a few times,
but i think it just isn't strong enough.
Let's see...
oh yeah,
i also want some of that chemical that's a catalyst
in the decaying of H2O2 into H2O and O2
so i can get oxygen.
But that's just an extra use of the hydrogen peroxide
that'll be left over after i bleach my hair.

Anyway, during the last Happy Time,
i escaped!!
I turned invisble,
went thru a wall,
and flew up to the top of the building,
where i waited until it was almost over.
That's the good thing about being new:
you can sneak off without them noticing.
well, i gotta go,
the Monkey's kinda jumpy today,
and is screaming for me to hurry and end
so bye


1 comment:

Troy said...

Yep, your crazy. ;) At the moment it's kinda hard to follow and it sounds like some authors from english class! Anyways, keep it up!