Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Second Post -- My Campus

I named it Max
but my teacher said it was a tree,
and also that some people would argue it was a bush,
cuz it was kinda small.
She axed us what we'd do if she told us it was a geraffe.
She says if we grew up being told it was a geraffe,
that's what it would be to us.
I'll still always know it as "Max," tho.
Anyway, "Socializing" is a fun class.
It's hard tho.
Cuz you have to talk to people.
The worst part of the day, tho,
is "Happy Time."
I won't talk anymore about it right now;
it's too scary.
School is mostly fun, tho.
Nap time is cool cuz we like to sneak off.
Then we have lotsa fun.
I might say some fun we do in a later post.
And "Creative Expression" is a really fun class too.
It's alot better than "Obeying Authority."
There's a few other Big Classes I haven't talked about yet.
Nap Time isn't a Big Class, and neither is Happy Time.
They're Times.
Socializing, Creative Expression, and Obeying Authority are the Big Classes I mentioned so far.
You'll learn about the others soon enough.
Maybe a few posts later.
There's so much to think about and do.
I can't possibly say everything right now.
I've very upset, tho.
Cuz they don't like me having super powers.
They're trying to take em away
by talking to me
but it won't work
at least i hope not.
That would be so awful;
i like my super powers.
The Monkey sez I've said enough for now.
I was gonna tell you more about my lovely campus and schedule,
but i was overruled by the Monkey,
so i'll say "bye-bye" now


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geico said...

The class names open up so many interesting possibilities to learn about this world...