Friday, March 30, 2007

Four: Genius time!!

I had a genious idea today.
I decided to be like Ben Franklin,
so i was gonna fly a kite in a storm
with a key on its string
to detect electricity,
but i didn't have any of those.
So i took my shirt off to be the kite,
and i held onto the sleeve
(it could be the "string"),
and i held a key in my other hand.
Then i ran around outside,
waving the shirt around in the air behind me,
hoping to attract some lightning.
Unfortunetly i never detected any electricity.
Ben musta been wrong--
the experiment wasn't repeatable.
So i stood out there in the wind
highly disapointed,
then i got another genius idea:
i could look for tornados instead!!
So i grabbed my cammer-ater,
jumped in my Porsche 969,
and skidded off.
Well...i wasn't very successful there either.
So then i started losing all my ambition,
and i actually started looking forward to Happy Time.
That just shows how discouraged i was.
But then, i rescued my soul;
i could go back to the...
and aply some of my newly learned skills
from Socializing!!
So i rushed back
(those cars with the pretty flashing lights were a little annoying),
pulling into the parking lot,
found a group of people,


BUTTON ! ! ! ! ! !

I'm great at my new skill of Socializing!!!
I think i should try it more often!!


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geico said...

I think this is my favorite post so far.