Wednesday, November 30, 2011

33: RanDumb_Le

check this out chicka checka chick this out:
i'm like so exCITED!!!
because, because um...
i don't know.
I FORGOT MY NAAAAME!!!1111111111111
so, like, i'm totally psyched,
'cause i got a new idea
ima get some...
and try to bleach my hair
but it makes my scalp itch
and i think i got brain-damaged
but it doesn't really even matter
'cause i don't think there's anything there anyway
because because because because you see
pretty sure i already checked
sometime in the past...
or the future
...i can't surely be sure for sure
but e-nough about me,
how 'bout you introduce yo-self's Self.
oh, OK, thanks for axing.
hi! i'm like sooo me.
Well, hi Me nice to meet you!
:) :) :) :)
ohhh nooooo!!!!!
Hide Hide Hide Hide Escapation Time!!!!11
The Men in The White Coats are coming
for Happy Time!!!!
and i forgot to take the Happy Time Vaccine



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