Thursday, February 21, 2008

four-teen: my jobs

so now i gots a job
during when Nap Time and Happy Time
are s'posed to be.
i'll start be talkin bout the Nap Time job.
so earlier i mentioned that
we do stuff when we sneak out during Nap Time
and we have fun. --> -->
so i'll tell you bout some of our exploits.
we've formed kinda a group
where we do a real public service:
we feed the needy inhabitants of the Outside World--
the squirrels, wabbits, burdys, and other wild ananimals.
So we gather together and join forces
and deliver the food from the kitchen.
But then we came across a problem:
the Head Cook caught us taking the food.
but he was really nice to clarify what food we're allowed to take.
He sed we can oooonnly take the food that's in the plastic cylinder bins.
So now there's a new job in addition to Deliverer:
Food Preparer. What they do is
move the food from the fridge and cabinets
to the bins, and then it's ready to go out.
They havta do it fast tho,
or they get caught.
It's a contant effort to get the food out in time;
before we gets seen,
cuz the Head Cooks get mad when we go slow
and don't get it done before they get back.
We had lotsa people fired
cuz they didn't finish Preparing the food in time.
(of course they usually come back to work again later)
Some days i'm a Preparer, but usually i'm a Deliverer,
and i've been working since the start of summer.
I guess i'll have some stories
'bout that job later on.

NOW i'll talk about-
the Monkey sez i should
talk 'bout my other job later,
so i'll just say that it has to do
with me figuring out a way to stop
Happpy Time, even tho they still
give you the shot.
i'm quite proud of myself;
it took a longlong time figgering out
and experimenting and surreptitiousness
to accomplish it.
I g2g,
i hope the Monkey will lemme post again soon.
so byebyebyebye guys!!!


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